We are Vincent and Athina. A couple from the Netherlands, but in love with Greece. Little was known about the Greek island of Karpathos where we had been visiting for years and thus our first travel blog The Karpathos guide was born.

Now that we are in Greece for a long time, we decided that there was more to discover than just Karpathos and so we travel to other islands to see what they have to offer and thus in early 2023 Must do Greece was born.

Must do Greece and The Karpathos guide 1
Must do Greece and The Karpathos guide 2

Most asked questions

How have we been able to do all this?

Before 2021, we had already planned to take a sabbatical and see how we would like to spend six months in Greece. But when I 2020 corona broke out, we couldn’t go on holiday in September and we were really looking forward to a corona winter in the Netherlands, we decided to just resign immediately and get on a plane as soon as possible. And so April 2021 became December 2020.

After a few months on Karpathos, we knew: we want this more! To be able to stay in Greece for a long time. And so we decided to sell our house in the Netherlands since the prices were skyrocketing and we could sell our house well. We bought a bus and converted it into a camper so we could travel with it and also immediately have a house on wheels for the months we would be in the Netherlands.

Vincent knocked on the door of his old employer again whether he could work from Greece for 3 days and that was fine. And besides that, we have The Karpathos Guide which I (Athina) am mainly working on.

And apart from that, we are mainly relaxing and enjoying life????



How did we end up on Karpathos?

My (Athina’s) parents first came to the island in ’94 (when my dear mum was pregnant with me, so it was meant to be!). The three of us went in 2004. They always wanted a house on a Greek island and after seeing that Karpathos had changed so little and still remained so authentic they decided to look for a house that holiday and they succeeded!

So from 2005, we celebrated holidays on Karpathos in our own house. When I got a bit older, I often said, “Soon I won’t come to Karpathos! I want to travel around the world.” Well, we saw that… NOT. I didn’t skip a year and in 2012 when I first took Vincent, he was also sold. So when I 2017 a great opportunity presented itself, of course, we couldn’t let our own house on Karpathos pass us by ????



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