10x Best beaches Rhodes + a secret cave!

Last April we visited Rhodes and although the weather wasn’t beach-worthy every day, we were able to see them all and picked our favourites! We also discovered a ‘secret’ cave near Lindos beach. In this blog, we’ll tell you all about that cave and the best beaches in Rhodes.

Elli beach

Elli Beach is the beach located in Rhodes Town. It is amongst the most famous and popular beaches on the island. It is situated near the city centre, making it easily accessible for visitors. It’s the perfect beach to combine with a morning in the city.

Elli Beach has a lively atmosphere with lots of popular (and Instagramable!) bars and restaurants. It’s not a sandy beach though, but there are sunbeds on the beach so no worries about lying uncomfortable on the pebbles.

We visited this beach when the weather wasn’t good and we couldn’t get a good picture. But what we really loved about the beach is this concrete dive platform that is in the sea! Perfect to jump off on a hot summer day, enjoy!

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Fourni beach

Fourni Beach is located in the southwest part of Rhodes. The beach is quite remote because there are no big villages nearby. The way toward the beach is already gorgeous and so is the beach itself. It’s a sandy beach and perfect for snorkelling along the rocky walls on the side of the beach.

You can combine a visit to this beach together with a visit to the gorgeous Monolithos castle. And of course, you can visit the village Monolithos itself. Along the way, you’ll also find several viewpoints that are worth a visit. In our Rhodes Google Maps locations (that are included in our RHODES GUIDE) we’ve added several viewpoints for you to visit.

Fourni beach Rhodes 10

Prassonisi beach

On the southernmost tip of the island, you’ll find the beach called Prassonisi. 2 beaches meet here and form a sandy path (beach) to an island. Depending on the water level and weather you can reach the island.

This beach is not only a hotspot for beach lovers but also for surfers, especially during the months of July and August when the waves and wind conditions are at their best. If you don’t own gear you can rent it at one of the stations here.

Prasonisi beach Rhodes windsurfing kitesurfing

Agathi beach

This beach – also known as Agia Agathi – is located near the village of Charaki and a short distance from the castle of Feraklos. It’s on the Eastcoast of Rhodes. It’s a charming and relatively secluded beach. The water here is usually calm and the beach is sandy. The beach is not overly organized, but you’ll find sunbeds and umbrellas here.

Agia Agathi Beach Rhodes 2

Tsambika beach

This beach is one of the most popular beaches in Rhodes. It’s located on the eastern coast of the island and is named after the nearby Tsambika Monastery. This church is 100% worth a visit. It will take you 300 steps, but after that, you’ll have a breathtaking view over the island including Tsambika Beach.

The beach is sandy en fully organized. Besides swimming and sunbathing this beach is also perfect if you want to enjoy various watersports activities such as jet skiing. During high season you’ll also find a floating waterpark in the sea!

St. Paul’s Bay

St. Paul’s Bay, also called Agios Pavlos Bay, is a GORGEOUS beach near Lindos. It has the name Paul after the apostle who is thought to have arrived in this harbour while on a mission to propagate Christianity.

St. Paul’s Bay is well known for both its historical significance and its natural beauty. It is a tiny sandy beach flanked by rugged cliffs and turquoise waters that are stunningly pure. The bay offers a private and serene setting as it is hidden away within a serene cove.

St. Paul’s Bay is known for its historical and religious features. From the beach, you’ll have an amazing view of the Akropolis of Lindos.

The bay itself is popular for swimming and snorkelling. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent. The beds are a bit more pricy, but then you’ve got yourself a four-poster bed. The restaurant Tsambiko on the beach is also a MUST VISIT. The location is gorgeous as well as the food and in our opinion, the price was good for this type of restaurant (a main course was around €18,-). Please make a reservation if this is a must-visit for you since it can be quite busy during the season.

Tambakio st. Pauls Bay Rhodes restaurant 2
Tambakio st. Paul's Bay Rhodes restaurant

Glistra beach

After visiting Prassonisi Beach we drove toward Lindos where we would be staying for a couple of days. Along the way we noticed this beautiful beach, so of course we had to take our drone for a few shots!

It’s a beautiful bay with sand and is perfect for families!

Paralia Glistra Rhodes 3

Traganou beach

This beach is beautiful and really reminds us of Ahata Beach on Karpathos (only way bigger). The water is crystal clear and the beach is pebbled. It’s perfect for snorkelling and is nice to see the Traganou caves when you’re on the beach.

Traganou beach Rhodes Greece 5

Anthony Quinn Bay

Anthony Quinn Bay, also known as Vagies Bay or Naxos Bay, is a gorgeous beach on the Greek island of Rhodes’ east side. It is named after the legendary actor Anthony Quinn, who fell in love with the location while filming “The Guns of Navarone” on Rhodes and later purchased the surrounding area.

This beach is the place to be if you enjoy snorkelling. The beach isn’t that big, so be prepared for it to be a bit crowded in high season.

It’s a pebbled beach and the beach bar named Kounna is definitely worth a visit!

Anthony Quinn Bay Rhodes beach 2

Secret cave in Lindos

This spot is a hidden gem in Rhodes! The village Lindos has 2 beaches and if you go onto the smaller beach and walk a little bit around the corner you’ll find this cave! It’s very big and you’ll be able to swim al the way into it. Definitely bring your snorkel mask!

What activities can be enjoyed on Rhodes’ beaches

Besides swimming and sunbathing, the beaches of Rhodes have a lot of other things to offer! Many beaches on the Westcoast (due to the wind conditions here!) rent windsurf gear or you can book a lesson with them. You can also go for kayaking, water skiing, parasailing or jet skiing. At various popular beaches such as Tsambika Beach, you’ll find water sports centres and rental facilities.

Tsambika Beach is also the place to be if you’re looking for a floating water park on the water! And also Elli Beach (Rhodes Town) has a diving platform in the sea.

Are there any facilities available on the beaches?

Yes of course there are! Depending on the beach though. Depending on your preferences you’ll definitely find beaches on Rhodes you’ll enjoy. Beaches such as Faliraki, Elli and Tsambika Beach are fully organized and others will be completely empty.

In our Rhodes Maps we’ve added all the beautiful beaches that Rhodes has to offer. In case the beach is organized we’ve mentioned this.

Our Rhodes Maps are included in our 100+ pages Rhodes travel guide.

Tsambika beach Rhodes
Tsambika Beach Rhodes

Where can I find sandy beaches in Rhodes?

The most sandy beaches can be found on the Eastcoast of Rhodes. For example, St. Paul’s Bay and Tsambika beach are sandy as well as Pefkos beach.

In our Rhodes Maps we’ve mentioned which beach is sandy and which ones aren’t Our Rhodes Maps are included in our 100+ pages Rhodes travel guide.

Which part of Rhodes has the best beaches?

The Eastcoast of Rhodes has the best beaches. Most of them are also sandy. And that’s different compared to the Westcoast of Rhodes. Here are almost all beaches pebbled and they are usually more windy than the other side of Rhodes.

Is the sea warm in Rhodes?

That is something very personal, but we’d say yes, the sea water is warm in Rhodes. Let’s say from the end of May until October (sometimes even November) you can swim in the warm sea of Rhodes. Depending on what you’re used to, you’ll enjoy (or dislike) it in April already.

We live in Karpathos, which is next to Rhodes the temperature is kinda similar and we sometimes even swim in January when there it’s a sunny day with no wind.

Is the water clear in Rhodes?

YES! Rhodes is known for its clear water, typically characterized as turquoise or blue in hue. This makes it easy to view the underwater world when swimming or snorkelling. However, water clarity can vary based on weather conditions, seasonal fluctuations, and beach location of course.

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